What Services Do Family Law Firms in Canberra Offer?

A family law firm offers a variety of services for clients in Canberra. Therefore, families or individuals need to be sure of the kind of legal issues they face before hiring a family law firm. Although you may have hired lawyers in the past, when selecting a family lawyer or family law firm, you need the proper legal help that will not worsen the family legal issue or the family relationship you want to save.

A family law firm has a team of family lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience in handling different family issues that clients may be experiencing. There are different types of family lawyers in a family law firm, offering various kinds of family legal services and handling different kinds of family cases depending on their area of specialisation. This is why you should consider the area of specialisation of the family lawyers you are getting in a family law firm before you start working with them.

 If you are not careful, you may choose a divorce lawyer when you want a lawyer in the firm to help you with the child adoption process. If you are not aware of the different kinds of cases a family law firm can handle, read on to find out the answers to your question;

  • Divorce cases

Divorce may be the best solution for you if you have been going through different issues in your marriage and have decided that you cannot deal with the problems any longer. When you hire a family law firm, they will handle your divorce case to ensure you legally end your marriage with your spouse peacefully.

  • Child adoption cases

When you want to be parents but do not have the chance to have kids, you can adopt a child.

You need a family law firm to help you navigate the child adoption process, which can be very long, time-consuming and stressful. Since family law firms hold such cases, they will ensure you follow the right procedures and avoid delays.

  • Domestic abuse cases

Another type of case that a family law firm will handle is a domestic abuse case. If your husband, wife, or parent has been abusing you now and then, the best way to handle such a problem is to find a family law firm. The law firm will not only ensure that you are safe but will help you take the proper steps to avoid getting abused again.

  • Child support cases

After a couple separates or divorces,  kids have to continue living their lives. This means they are entitled to monthly child support to cater to their needs. A family law firm handles a child support case to determine if the child support is enough for the kids and ensure that the other party always delivers the child support on time.

  • Paternity cases

If a father questions the paternity of a kid,  they can hire a family law firm to handle the paternity case. Suppose the paternity test proves the father is not the child’s biological dad. In that case, he has been supported by a paternity lawyer who is needed to offer relevant solutions to the problem.

  • Marriage and civil union cases

Another kind of case a family law firm can handle is a marriage and civil union case. The law firm will provide marriage and civil union lawyers to help draft the prenuptial agreement and offer consultation on legal matters like family businesses. Also, these lawyers can help develop a postnuptial agreement that can change the contractual status of liabilities and assets between the couple.

  • Child custody cases

A family law firm also deals with child custody cases. These cases involve establishing and modifying child custody agreements between separated or divorced parents. If the custody agreements are to be enforced in court, a family law firm will offer legal representation to these clients.

A family law firm in Canberra can offer a variety of services. Whatever family issue you have, you can always count on the family law firm you select. However, consider the area of specialisation of the lawyers you find in the law firm before hiring them. This is to ensure that the family law firm offers you family lawyers with appropriate expertise depending on your case. We recommend that you reach out to a trusted firm like Balance Family Lawyers in Canberra.

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